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The Band


The Raw Herbs were a band formed in Leytonstone in the East of London during 1986. They signed to Manchester based Medium Cool  Records. In their too brief life as a band they released just four singles (including a number 19 hit on the UK Indie Chart in 1987 with  "Don't Bury Me Yet") as well as appearing on a few Compilation albums and cassettes. The band were played regularly on the Radio and recorded a session for Janice Long’s Radio One show. Their music epitomised the jangly 80s “indie pop” of the time.

The band split up in 1988 and lead singer Derek went onto front a new band called Horse Latitudes who released the album “September Songs”. Sadly drummer Brian Alexis passed away in 2011.

The bands legacy is their music which I was fortunate to witness a number of times live in the cities of Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and Birmingham during those heady days. The times they stayed at my house when visiting Wales and the West were always great fun and they must be the only band in history to leave the place they stayed tidier when they left  than when they arrived! The inclusion of “She’s a Nurse” on the recent compilation Box Set “Scared to Get Happy” can only cement the bands rightful place at the the high table of great pop that was produced at a dire time for music in the mainstream. Hopefully this website will remind those that were there and inform those that were not. Please get in touch via the Contact page if you have memories or memorabilia to share via the site..
Cheers Ray


The Band comprised (left to right)

Derek Parker (Vocals & Guitar)
Kevin Bache (Lead Guitar)
Brian Alexis RIP (Drums)
Steven Archibald (Bass)