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Everlasting Cassette Tape


Everlasting was one of many DIY Indie cassette compilations that appeared in the 80s. That said, this is a bit special as it has a track by The Raw Herbs that is unavailable anywhere else! “Hopelessly” is a beautiful melancholy love song and worth seeking out. The rest of the tape is pretty good too featuring The Orchids, St Christopher and TV Personalities.

Here’s the full track listing:

1. The Cherry Orchard - So Blind/These Restless Days
2. Emily - Blue
3. A Riot of Colour - Put to Sleep
4. The Orchids - An Ill Wind That Blows
5. Whirl - Your Hearts As Big Ass The Whole Outdoors
6. The Groove Farm - World Would Die 4 U
7. St Christopher - Even the Skies Seem Blue
TV Personalities - Me and My Desire

1. The Holidaymakers - Seventh Valley Girl
2. The Wishniaks - Double Takin’
3. Bradford - Headfull of Dreadful
4. Shine! - The Art of Lying Low
5. The Flood - Let December Shine
6. The Aurbisons - Melt
7. The Rain - Down Here
8. The Raw Herbs - Hopelessly

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